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Audio Alchemy provides Audio Post Production, Sound Design and Re-Record Mixing services for Television, Radio, Internet and Film


Audio Post Production has changed -

  • A Pro Tools in a closet is now passed off as a studio.
  • Video editors are expected to have audio skills.
  • Escalating rents have forced longtime studios to shut their doors.
  • The CALM Act imposes strict new loudness restrictions on TV Networks.


Despite all of this Audio Alchemy has continued to grow and set the standard for Quality, Convenience and Flexibility in Audio Post.

Over 20 years of experience and insight enable us to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and consistently deliver a “broadcast quality” soundtrack for any platform — from a mobile phone to a theater ― and the confidence that it will meet the most stringent standards of quality control.


Online, Onsite or In the Studio

Online Audio-Post - QuickTime video and wav audio files have replaced tape and can easily be exchanged via ftp.  Send me your project – I’ll make it shine and send it back to you via the Internet.

Onsite Audio-Post - Pro Tools - partnered with experience and knowledge - makes it possible to do high quality audio work anywhere.  Let me take the headache out of sourcing equipment and setting up a remote studio - then I can mix and sound design on location.

In the Studio - Come up to the country for the day and work with me in my Warwick studio - or let’s find a convenient studio in your neighborhood and I’ll come there and work with you.

  • Sound, both as an
    individual and
    can help filmmakers
    and producers
    realize their vision.
  • A good mix can
    take your project
    to another level
    — A bad one
    can ruin it.
  • Describing sound
    with words is like
    dancing about
    — Open your ears
    and listen.
  • Every picture tells
    a story
    — Sound provides
    the details.